Garden Oasis in Town with 3 Houses

Garden Oasis in Town with 3 Houses

Sale Price ฿:  15,000,000

Several small, classic Chiang Mai style homes located on a beautiful piece of land (1-2-28 Rai) just off 106. The property, surrounded by high walls with a few small ponds and a canal running through it, is like an oasis in town.

The main house, attached to the teak wood Sala, has two bedrooms, each are 5 by 4 meters. There is one large bathroom 5 by 4 meters and a living room and western style kitchen.

On the other side of a small garden clearing there is another bedroom 6 by 5 meters with terrace, two bathrooms and living room with a small pantry. Nearer the front of the house, there is a two-story teak style house with kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, and two-car garage.

  • Western Kitchen
  • Deck
  • Fenced Yard
  • Garden
  • River View
  • Parking



Wila Tongnuan

ID:  D1018