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We are a small company, but we try to have big hearts. Below is a list of our contributions to the Chiang Mai community.

Dam Dam: Ride, Vet, and a Place to Stay (April, 2018)

Dam Dam was found by a nice woman by the side of the road, but she didn’t have a car or money to pay for anyone to take him to the vet. We helped out and gave him a ride and paid for his treatment. The vet said he likely had distemper, a contagious viral disease, so we found a place where he could stay safely away from other dogs while he recovered. Dam Dam is up and running again and we found his owner who had been driving around the neighborhood looking for him.

Children’s Shelter Foundation: Merry Christmas (Dec, 2017)

One of our clients recently arrived in Chiang Mai and wanted to do something special for the children in the area. He had the great idea of buying toys, food, and warm weather clothing for children in need in the area to spread the holiday spirit. It was our privilege to work with him to find a reputable shelter at the Children’s Shelter Foundation and to arrange lunch and activities with the children.

Chopper: Finding a New Home (Feb, 2017)

Chopper is one of many stray dogs in Chiang Mai and one of the first steps to getting any of them adopted is giving them a basic medical checkup, getting them vaccinated, and spayed/neutered. For most dogs, this is a simple process of driving a car by, holding out some food, and loading them up, but for some, like Chopper, a difficult and tough life have made them very scared of people. They need to be tranquilized with darts so that they can be safely caught, but this is also a dangerous process and they need time to rest after they’ve been captured before they can go into surgery again.
We gave Chopper a home where he could rest between capture and surgery and a chance to learn to trust people again. He’s a beautiful dog, but his stern appearance can be deceiving. After a few days walking in our garden, running through our stream, and a lot of belly rubs, we trusted Chopper enough to take him off the leash. These pictures of Chopper and his docile character brought out with a little attention and love soon found him a new home.

Mee: Running Again (Christmas 2016)

Mee (little bear) is a loveable little soi (street) dog that has lived in our neighborhood for two years after he was dropped off at a nearby Wat.

Recently, construction of a reservoir in the area has brought a lot of traffic, particularly large dump trucks.  On Christmas 2016, Mee was hit by one of these trucks. We found him injured by the road when we went to feed him at night as we usually do. We called a local vet, who looked at him and gave him some painkillers and antibiotics, but said that if he couldn’t urinate, it meant that he would require surgery.

Mee stayed with us for the next two days, but he wasn’t getting better and he couldn’t pee, so we brought him to the Small Animal Hospital here in Chiang Mai. They said that his pelvis had been crushed in two places, blocking his urethra. If he wasn’t treated quickly, he would die from renal failure.

We organized a charity drive to cover some of the costs of this surgery and removed blockage on 30/12/16. However, even with the blockage removed, Mee still wouldn’t be able to walk without additional surgery to repair his damaged pelvis. On, 06/1/17 we funded Mee’s second surgery to put four metal pins into both sides of his pelvis and legs to help them set correctly and allow him to walk again.

Mee’s total medical costs were 27,785 THB. Our generous friends, Chiang Mai community, and family contributed 24,195 to help. The remaining 4,590 was covered by Thai Northern as part of our efforts to help some of the smallest residents in Chiang Mai. Mee is now running and playing again and  is the first one sitting by our beds each morning wagging his tail waiting for the morning walk.

Now we’re doing what we do best and trying to help Mee find a permanent home. Please contact us if you know where this little ball of black (with a big white smile) would be welcome.

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